Birthday Donation!
Thursday, November 23, 2017

Ann Osborne from Chard recently celebrated her 80th birthday and decided instead of presents she wanted her guests to give a donation to Somerset Sight instead.  She raised a wonderful £325!

Ann has age related macular degeneration and decided to give to Somerset Sight because she felt she didn’t really need presents  and thought a donation would be put to far better use. 

Ann has been in touch with Somerset Sight for 4 years and has been able to obtain a range of equipment from us to help her with her sight impairment, including talking clocks and specialist lighting.

We are absolutely thrilled with this donation and are very grateful.

If you have a birthday or anniversary coming up and would like to support Somerset Sight please get in touch with our fundraiser Holly on 01823 366147 or email her here.  

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