Outing to Street Pizza Express
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Somerset Sight recently organised a pizza making (and eating) activity at Pizza Express in Street.

Everyone who attended made a pizza from scratch; stretching the dough and topping with their favourite toppings before finally getting to eat them.

Nicholas De Lange, 24, from Glastonbury said ‘it was brilliant fun and I loved learning about how to make pizza. It’s great getting out and about with Somerset Sight, trying new things, meeting people and making friends’

Leyton Murray, 42, from Street said ‘It was great making pizza and spending time with friends. I really enjoyed attending last year’s event so definitely wanted to come again’

Somerset Sight is starting a new social group in Street. They will be meeting on Friday 8th June at 10am at The Lantokay in Street. They have a program of social events and activities for sight impaired people of all ages and interests. If you would like to get involved either as a volunteer or because you are sight impaired yourself please come along or contact the charity on 01823 333818 or  

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