Review of the PenFriend
Thursday, March 15, 2018

Kate McCallum has been working in our office as receptionist and resource centre assistant for nearly a year. She is passionate about technology and how it can help visually impaired people with day to day tasks. 

Here is here review of the PenFriend;  

'If, like me, you find some everyday tasks a bit challenging, then the PenFriend could be the answer! Putting chickpeas on your toast instead of beans, coffee granules in your gravy or wearing different colour shoes could be a thing of the past.

I love using the PenFriend because it allows visually impaired people to attach audio labels on everyday objects. When it is set up it uses tiny barcodes which when scanned by a digital pen it will tell you what the object is. It can even tell you the ingredients and sell by dates too.

In no time at all you will have your cupboards, fridge and freezer organised. It can also scan and read instructions on medication boxes or bottles. 

The PenFriend is a great way to organise your music and films collections or you can even download your music onto the pen. It is also possible to store Audiobooks by using a USB cable from your computer to your pen.

The laundry labels can tell you how to wash your clothes (no more shrinking jumpers!). Labelling clothes with the colour, size and item mean that odd socks, shoes and clashing colours will no longer be a problem.

Using the PenFriend has made such a positive impact on my daily chores. Being able to do so much for myself makes a huge difference to my whole family. Not having to ask for help all the time is a great confidence boost too. I haven’t tried the labels on a moving target yet such as our family pets or children as I can still work out which is which but as for completing chores I wouldn’t be without it.'

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