The Joy Of Volunteering
Thursday, June 3, 2021

As it is National Volunteers Week, we want to celebrate our wonderful Volunteers. Sue Walters, our Library Volunteer has written the below piece.


The Joy of Volunteering

When I retired from my busy working life in 2006, I decided that I would like to be involved in some form of charity work.
Somerset Association for the Blind, Now known as Somerset Sight caught my attention as my mother had visual difficulties in her later life.

Following an interview and the induction programme I entered a new world having chosen to take an office-based role. This was completely alien to me as computers were being introduced more and more to the work place.
Over the ensuing years I have worked in Fundraising, Reception and now in my current role as Librarian which I have been involved with for a number of years

It gives me great pleasure and a sense of satisfaction to send out the requested listening choices knowing that the tapes are rewound and ready to be played.  CDs are all present and in the right order. The knowledge that listening can transport one to a different time or place and evoke many memories and hopefully provide a few hours of pleasure.

We have funny moments when tapes and CD’s go missing, only to find them returned at a later date having been left in the machine by mistake. But being visually impaired it is an easy one to make. Our regular users have become friends as we try to find an author of a different kind. Our library is full of “Books” donated from kind people who think of us. CDs are most popular, but so easily get scratched or broken, so all offers are more than welcome

Being in Northfield house I have enjoyed the company of the real work force and fellow volunteers. Over the years friendships have developed which for me is an added bonus of being a volunteer.

A thank you given at the end of the day sends me home with satisfaction. I would say if you were looking for something different find a charity close to your heart and give it a try.

Sue Walters





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